Derrick Cordice

Clinical and Research Coordinator
The Mansfield Companies

Derrick Cordice earned a Bachelor of Science degree in human physiology, with a minor in psychology, emphasizing clinical research from Gonzaga University in 2017. He believes in creating a pleasant experience for everyone involved in the medical process, including physicians, medical staff, and most importantly, the patients.

Cordice brings the ability to blend modern medicine with ever-evolving technology, continuously striving to improve patient care and clinical flow along the way.

Cordice’s introduction to the medical field began when he got his EMT certificate in 2016. He got his start at Mansfield Companies as a clinical assistant with a passion for helping patients get the care they need and deserve.

Since that time, his role has expanded to include working with Powell Mansfield Inc. as a Clinical Research Coordinator. In this role, he oversees patient recruitment, data collection, the scientific integrity of the data, and most importantly, is a patient advocate. He led a successful pilot study that looked at the ability to record EMG signals from the oropharynx using a novel device, collecting and organizing the data from more than 200 screened participants.

In his free time, he enjoys watching sports, being outside in nature, and getting to enjoy time with friends and family.