Eric Espia

Executive Administrator
The Mansfield companies

Eric Espia draws from his humble beginnings when it comes to his specialty in healthcare management. As an immigrant from the Philippines and growing up in Stockton, CA, Espia has always had an understanding of the importance of healthcare and monitoring one’s health. He is an advocate for quality patient care and believes each individual deserves the best treatment possible.

Espia began his college career with interests in science and goals to pursue a career in the healthcare industry. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree from the University of California, Santa Barbara. In between focusing on his academics, he spent his time volunteering at multiple hospitals around Santa Barbara and Ventura County. During this period, he was mentored by multiple healthcare professionals and interacted with patients all over different hospital departments and specialties which contributed to his compassion and empathy to keep the patient’s voices strong and ensure they receive the most optimal care.

With the hunger to diversify and expand his knowledge, Espia accepted a position at a multi-site health clinic in San Diego, CA. Espia was initially a technician working directly with patients, and transitioned into an administrative role which helped him comprehend the coordination required between various aspects of patient care. His development as a healthcare leader continued as he accepted an opportunity to work with multidisciplinary specialists at SENTA Clinic and grow into an executive position at Mansfield Companies.

During the initial stages of the coronavirus pandemic, Espia utilizes his decade-plus expertise in the diverse spectrum of the health industry to improve the communication lines between patients and providers. With his ideologies rooted in patient-centric care and stewardship, Espia proactively spearheaded a telemedicine platform for various providers to prevent any delays in patient care.

For his leisure, Espia enjoys creating memories with his loved ones, focusing on his artwork, strives to learn various subjects, and donating what he can to the San Diego Humane Society. He has a strong wanderlust and loves to understand all domestic and international cultures.